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    The HeyMi Vienna Walk

    Let us inspire you with a little city walk à la HeyMi.


    The walk starts at Schottentor, where you have an exquisite view of the Votivkirche. To enjoy the view a little longer in summer, the small café garden at “Café Marché” is perfect!

    But now off to the city centre, the best is yet to come!

    We love little hidden alleys, so we’ll send you on a little diversion. Climb the stairs to Mölkersteig and you’ll come to Mölker Bastei, where you’ll have a fantastic view of the University of Vienna and of course you will be surrounded by beautiful historic buildings. If you already have a view of the university, you have to take a closer look. Psst! You can go inside the university even if you are not a student. It’s breathtaking!

    Just a few steps away you’ll find the Burgtheater and the Rathausplatz. The Rathausplatz is very lively, especially in the summertime. A film festival is taking place there every year.

    If you walk from the Burgtheater to the Volkgarten, the Theseus Temple will surely catch your eye. A very popular photo spot. A little more hidden and not immediately obvious, you’ll find a charming little garden with roses and a fountain.

    Sit on the grass or on the steps of the Theseus Temple and soak up the wonderful atmosphere.


    The next destination is Heldenplatz. This grandiose building in front of you is the Hofburg and to the right is the Burgtor. If you continue walking, you will come to one of the most beautiful parks in the centre of Vienna, the Burggarten.

    So far you have had a lot of impressions and you should take a break at the “Brasserie Palmenhaus”, which is ideally located in the Burggarten.

    When you are a bit more rested, our HeyMi Walk will take you to our favourite and most famous museum in Vienna – the Albertina.


    From Monet to Picasso, art lovers should definitely take a look inside! At the moment there is an American Photography exhibition.

    Et Voilá, the view of the opera is fabulous. It’s best to take a photo right away.

    Before you continue into the city centre, stop by “Joseph Brot“, a modern café with high quality products, family friendly and chic at the same time. You will find the Address in our Blogpost Cafés and Restaurants.


    Kärntnerstraße is the most popular boulevard in the 1st district, which also leads you to the famous Stephansdom and Graben.

    We love all things which are aesthetic and that’s why we take you further into the golden quarter. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada. Everything that shines and makes fashion hearts melt away is here.

    In the evening, we recommend the “Campari Bar”. The design of this bar makes you feel like you’re in Monaco.

    If you prefer Viennese chic, go to the restaurant “Zum schwarzen Kameel”.

    Finally, you’ll come to Michaelerplatz, where you’ll also find the typical Viennese horse-drawn carriages. The sunlight is absolutely beautiful there in the evening!

    One last coffee? Then stop by “Café Central”. It’s very popular and definitely worth a visit!


    So, how did you like this walk? Maybe you made some discoveries of your own? Let us know in the comments or send us an E-Mail to

    We look forward to hear from you!


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